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Our Third Update

Last Week in Sydney, Aboriginal Cultural Field Studies, Arrival in Brisbane

Our happy little builder! This is at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney - An eceletic mix of fashion/eco-living/steam engines/music/etc.
These are modern Aboriginal Paintings - read the photo description to learn more!
A free day - we are at Manly Beach - the surf and tides were dangerous this day, so swimming was limited to a small section of the beach. The Opera House photo is taken from the ferry over to Manly Beach.
St. Mary's Cathedral They are getting ready for a visit from Pope Benedict in June.
Hyde Park Barracks
Time for a brief history lesson. January 26, 1788 the first fleet of European settlers arrive. Most were convicts, convicted for minor crimes like stealing a loaf of bread or clothing. These convicts served 7, 14, or 21 year sentences of free labor for the colony. For the first 30 years the convicts lived among the soldiers and free settlers. However, in the early 1800's, barracks were built to house them when they weren't working. This building held between three and four thousand convicts a night. In the late 1980's in preparation for remodeling the building as a cultural center, they discovered that underneath the floorboards, the rats had smuggled thousands of convict artifacts. Now the building is a living museum.
We tried out the hammocks which seemed pretty cozy if you are less than four feet tall.
A bit out of order, but here is Sydney University where the lectures were held for the LC students.
We went down to Darling Harbor the night of Australia Day. It commemorates the arrival of the first fleet. Let's just say the fireworks safety rules are much more lax in Australia.
Traditional Aboriginal Dance at the Yaban Celebration - the counterpoint - celebrating the survival of the indigenous people following the arrival of the first fleet.
Just a great cup of coffee - a little luxury item.
The sounds of male cicadas filled the air in and around Sydney. These insects live over a decade as a beetle-like creature underground. Then crawl up a tree and hatch out into a large loud flying bug. The girls found these casings hanging on trees. They decided to throw them all over their heads.
We are at Aboriginal Cultural Camp. The week was filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These pictures represent a glimpse into our experience with Uncle Wayne, Aunt Jodi, and our friends at camp.
Here is our amazing babysitter and new friend Sofia! We hope to see her in Oregon this summer!
Flight to Brisbane - Goodbye Sydney!
Our personal baggage collector.

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